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Dr John Ting Sii Ong
Immediate Past President
Dr Teh Tat Beng
President Elect
Dr Chow Kai Foo
Honorary General Secretary
Dr Ng Woan Tyng
Honorary Financial Secretary
Dr Eileen Koh Mei Yen
Honorary Publication Secretary
Dr Leong Kei Joe
Asst Honorary General Secretary
Dr Neoh Leong Seng
Asst Honorary Financial Secretary
Dr Angie Wong Chin Mee
Elected Council Member
Dr Ibrahim B Shahruddin
Appointed Council Member
Prof Dr Mohammed Ibrahim B Abu Hassan
Appointed Council Member
Dr Nurul Syakirin Bte Abdul Shukor
Appointed Council Member
Dr Vijendran Rajenthiram
MDA EZ Chairman
Dr Abd Rashid B Hassan HJ ADK
MDA EZ Secretary
Dr James Chu Kok Weng
Northern Zone Chairman
Dr Lim Chiew Wooi
MDA NZ Secretary
Dr Ang Lai Choon
MDA SZ Chairman
Dr Ben Chuan Ng
MDA SZ Treasurer
Dr Siow Ang Yen
MDA Internal Auditor
Dr Hu Chang Lek
Appointed council member
Dr Rashidah Ayob
About MDA
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Affiliate Bodies
Dental Students Centre
Public Free Access
MDA Member
54-2 (2nd Floor) Medan Setia 2
Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-20951532, 20951495
Fax: 603-20944670
Website: www.mda.org.my
Email: mdaassoca@mda.org.my (active 10/12/2013)

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