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MDA Southern Zone structure 2018/2019


Dr. Lee Wei Zin

Hon. Secretary

Dr. Ng Chun Jie

Hon. Treasurer

Dr. Alia Bt Mohd Ghazali

Committee Meembers:

  • Dr. Teh Khai Shan
  • Dr. Che Tang Yang
  • Dr. Denisa Khoo
  • Dr. Joanne Koh Su Ling
  • Dr. Ong Wann Chiing
  • Hon. Auditor

    Dr. Hong Yong Huat

    MDA SZ Events and Activities

    Evening Lecture Series 1 2018


    This year we are kicking off our Evening Lecture Series of 2018 with a colourful range of speakers covering 3 topics under Endodontics, Periodontics and Aesthetics Dentistry.

    First off, we have Dr Jeyavel, or fondly known as Dr Jey, who has 12 years of clinical experience of Rotary Endodontics. Throughout his career, he has been training many undergraduate and postgraduate students from India & Malaysia. “Troubleshooting in Endodontics - Simplified” will be his topic of the evening. His talk would also include a demo for certain procedures under the assistance of an operating microscope. Definitely something not to missed!

    Secondly, we have Dr Lau Guat Syin who is a Periodontist, currently working in Johor Bahru. Her topic is refreshing for us as it takes us back to basics. As we are all aware of, there has been widespread misuse of antibiotics in our dental practices. Dr Lau’s topic entitled “Antibiotics in Periodontal Therapy: Facts and Fallacies” is definitely something not to be missed! It’s never too late to right our wrongs!

    And, we always save the best for last! Known to many, we have Dr Sonia of DXE who will be giving her talk titled “The Picasso in you with direct composite”. Her bubbly personality and share of experiences is definitely something refreshing that you would not want to miss. She would bring out the artist in you that you never knew existed!

    A multitude of topics ranging from basics to advanced dentistry mashed up in an evening is indeed an opportunity not to be missed. And what’s better than to learn from experts during a relaxing evening alongside friends? See you there!


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