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MDA President's Message from Dr. Neoh Gim Bok

Date 12.12.2013

Esteemed Members of MDA,
I would like to thank every MDA member for giving me a chance to lead this noble association. I will do my level best to make MDA a progressive and dynamic organization. The six areas which I have highlighted here are in line with MDA’s continued efforts to serve the membership:

  1. Government Policy: I would like to foster greater cooperation between government bodies like the Ministry of Health and the Oral Health Division as well as other relevant government agencies. We will continue to be the united voice of the dental fraternity by providing regular feedback and articulate members’ concerns to the authorities. At the same time, MDA will disseminate essential information on government policies to the membership.
  2. Quality Continued Professional Development Programmes: Besides organizing more CPD events for members all over the country to accumulate sufficient points for APC renewal, I also plan to bring in highly sought after international key opinion leaders who will present scientific lectures and hands-on workshops. Malaysians have already had the opportunity to learn from the best in the various fields of dentistry through MDA. I shall continue this tradition of excellence and bring in the top experts from all over the world to enhance the skills and knowledge of our members. In line with this, I will also focus my efforts on increasing the quality, readership and citation of the Malaysian Dental Journal which will showcase the strength of our local researchers as well regional scientific minds.
  3. Administration of the MDA secretariat: I will continue to look for ways to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the MDA secretariat. We have implemented the MDA member login section on MDA Homepage which greatly improves the system of subscription payment, registration of events and updating of members’ records. We will continue to improve the system to make it more user-friendly.
  4. Public Oral Health Awareness Programmes: I plan to increase efforts in promoting oral health campaigns and oral health screening for the general public in collaboration with government agencies, dental division arm forces, oral health product companies like Colgate, GSK and Morning Kiss. We will be looking forward to celebrate World Oral Health Day on 20th March 2014 designated by FDI. I would also encourage our membership to play a part in this initiative as volunteers.
  5. International Relations and Events: I am looking forward to seeking further collaboration and cooperation between MDA and other NDAs especially in the Asian region. This will boost the publicity of our events and attract the attendance of foreign delegates. For members who are would like to attend conferences in neighboring countries, this will be made easier and more affordable as our members will enjoy the privilege of paying local member rates. At the same time, exchange of ideas and speakers in the region can take place for the betterment of our profession. We are seeking to host the 2017 FDI World Dental Congress and I will be supporting Dr Haja Badrudeen, the current President as the Protem Chairman of the bidding committee.
  6. Prudent Financial Management: I will be exploring with my team ways and means to increase the MDA’s funds. We will also be looking at ways to reduce spending without jeopardizing the operations of the MDA secretariat and service to members.

My vision will include, but not be limited to the objectives presented. I look forward to members’ feedback and will take into account opinions from all quarters of our diverse membership. With the support of the MDA council and membership, I am committed to leading MDA to greater frontiers.

Thank You

Dr. Neoh Gim Bok
President 2013/2014,
Malaysian Dental Association
Date: 12.12.2013


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