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MDA President's Message from Dr. Teh Tat Beng

Date 13.11.2014

Dear fellow colleagues,

It is hard to believe that I am into my first quarter as President of MDA, and it has been wildly successful! I have spent the better part of my first quarter term sorting out the issues related to the deregistration and reinstatement of MDA. We actually resolved the issue with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) fairly quickly. As promised, the council calls for an EOGM on the 10th August 2014 after we received the reinstatement letter from ROS. (The EOGM on the 22nd June 2014 was called off as the result of deregistration by ROS)

The EOGM on the 10th August 2014 went on smoothly, with the house voted for all the 3 resolutions. The quorum under Article X section 4(i) of MDA Constitution 2012 mandated 50 members in benefit for EOGM to proceed. As at 10.30am a quorum of 54 MDA members in benefit was established by the Honorary General Secretary. At end of EOGM, a total of 63 members in benefit was established, verified and confirmed by Dr Chow Kai Foo (Honorary General Secretary). I would like to thank the speaker of the 10th August 2014 EOGM, Dr YS Tan for a job well done. Please log in MDA website for the details result of the EOGM.

When an Association builds for itself a new home, this is a sign of its maturity as well as an expression of its faith in the future. The council and BOT will work out the WISMA MDA purchasing and renovation time table. If everything goes smoothly, we may invite the Prime Minister to officiate the New MDA House/Wisma MDA at the end of next year. We need the full support from our members to make our dream come true. MDA is organizing a donation drive for the purchasing of MDA building in conjunction with the 22nd MDA Scientific Convention & Trade Exhibition. All donations towards the WISMA MDA Fund are tax exempted. The tax exemption number granted by Ministry of Finance for Wisma MDA Building fund is (8.09) 248/40/7-1138 Vol.9 (SK.4) (26).

Dentistry is one of the ever-evolving fields that demand from us to be on top of the latest innovations and we will try to organized good quality CPD program to help you achieve this goal. MDA is willing to invest BIG in the professional development of its members by bringing in the best speakers in the world

Some highlights of the year are:
1. 22nd MDA Scientific Convention & Trade Exhibition
2. MIDEC 2015 I would like to invite all of you to attend and volunteer at the above mention event. Be a part of it and bring your staff for a fun filled day of learning and networking.

Oral Health Awareness Community Project

MDA also carries out many social activities like World Oral Health Day.
Oral Health Awareness Campaign:-
MDA- Colgate Oral Health Month
MDA-GSK Your Mouth Deserves Specialised Care Campaign
Mouth Cancer Awareness Week.
Oral-B Plaque Off; Smile On Campaigns

The role of MDA has expanded over the years. In the changing times MDA is now invited to meeting on important health issues by the Ministry of Health and other agencies. MDA now has a bigger role to play for our dental professional and will need to have a unified voice to represent the interest of its members.

For this MDA will need to have a bigger participation and representation from its members. All dental professional are invited to join the MDA and take part in its activities.

MyCPD System, Ministry of Health Malaysia

MDA members are encourage to register with the Online Monitoring of Continuing Professional Development System (MyCPD), to plan CPD activities, to record CPD activities and to keep track with CPD activities and credit points.

MyCPD still have the capacity of 30,000 for new registration. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage our members especially the Private Dental Practitioner to register with the MyCPD, as the record show that less than 300 Private Dental Practitioners had registered with MyCPD. Please login http://mycpd.moh.gov.my/upload/umanual/myCPD_User_%20Guide.pdf for step by step user guild for registration.

DPL development

MDA delegation consisted of Dr John Ting, President Elect, Dr Chow Kai Foo, Hon Gen Sec and myself met up with DPL representatives, Drs Steven Henderson and Jane Merivale during the FDI Annual World Dental Congress in India recently.

We had a fruitful meeting with Steven and Jane, and managed to clarify with DPL that the fund used to purchase WISMA MDA was not from the DPL account. MDA had maintained a special account strictly for DPL all this while.

MDA goes to paperless

When it comes to reducing the amount of paper that an office produces, we get a dual benefit of achieving cost savings and doing something good for the environment at the same time. It also means organization can lighten their loads – figuratively and literally. In future, MDJ and MDA Newsletter will be publish, upload to MDA Website and send to members via email in soft copy file like E-Book. MDA member will have to pay for the printing cost if they wish to receive the hard copy of the MDJ and MDA Newsletter.

FDI AWDC 2017 biding


Malaysian Dental Association, MDA had passed a resolution to bid for the Annual World Dental Congress of the FDI World Dental Federation at the AGM held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in year 2013.

Financial Implication to Host Country for the past 6 years

1. FDI AWDC Singapore 2009

2. FDI AWDC Salvador 2010

3. FDI AWDC Mexico 2011

4. FDI AWDC Hong Kong 2012

5. FDI AWDC Istanbul 2013 – Profit of 1 million Euro

6. FDI AWDC India 2014 – Account not yet out, but unofficial report is India had make a substantial profit from FDI AWDC 2014.

FDI AWDC Host countries from 2009 to 2012 have either made a very small amount of profit, break even or suffer substantial lost. One of the National Dental Association suffer a substantial loss from hosting the FDI AWDC, that National Dental Association still own FDI 197,000 Swiss Franc and 2 years membership due, and currently not a member of FDI.

Note: FDI AWDC Istanbul and India is based on the newly proposed Franchise System.

Due to the MDA deregistration, we are yet to submit the proposed budget and official bid to FDI for the bidding. Abu Dhabi and China had already submitted their bid to host the FDI AWDC 2017. Abu Dhabi had engaged Paul Wilson, Director of Wilson GCC Global Conference Consultants and the former Director of the FDI World Dental Federation for AWDC to handle the bidding. Abu Dhabi has the full support from their government UAE. China has the numbers of participants and traders, on top of full government support.

Sponsorship and Trade Exhibition of FDI AWDC India 2014

1. 96 Local Companies took up 166 booths

2. 104 Foreign Companies took up 293 booths

Note: Malaysia is not a dental equipment and material producing country; we do not have the numbers of local companies to participate in the FDI AWDC trade exhibition. Hence, we depend solely on the Foreign Companies for sponsorship and to fill up the Exhibition Hall.

For Malaysia, our Trade Exhibition pattern is similar to Singapore and Hong Kong, the maximum numbers of booths we can have is about 350.

The bidding country has to submit their bidding budget and plan to FDI by the AWDC in India 2014. After much deliberation, the bidding committee and council had decided to defer the FDI AWDC bidding to year 2019.

The 103th FDI Annual World Dental Congress 2015 BANGKOK

I am glad that the MDA delegations to FDI AWDC India manage to meet up with Dr Chavalit Karnjanaopas Wong, the OC Chairman of FDI 2015 Bangkok to discuss the possibility of MDA member paying local registration fees for the FDI 2015 in Bangkok. After some discussion with our counterpart in DAT, Dental Association of Thailand, we have come to some consensus with DAT on the registration fees. Like the special registration fees must be pay through MDA with a common registration list. The registration fees can be as low as USD 150.

GST Exemption List for Dental Equipment and Material

MDA was asked by Encik Zamane bin Abdul Rahman, the Chief Executive of Medical Device Authority, Ministry of Health Malaysia to submit a list of dental material and dental equipment for GST relief to them. The Medical Device Authority will compile the common list for GST relief in order before forward it to GST panel. The MDA Sponsorship and Trade Committee managed to compile a complete list on dental material and equipment for GST relief after getting feedback from all the dental traders.

Courtesy call to Health Minister

The Courtesy Call to Health Minister was postpone at the last minute, due to YB Dato Seri had an important meeting in Kelantan on the same day. The next appointment will be earlier November, and most likely the MDA delegation will meet Health Minister during Parliament Sitting.

MDA’s Involvement in FDI World Dental Federation

In year 2014, MDA sent a small delegation consisted of President, President Elect and Hon Gen Sec to the 102th FDI Annual World Dental Congress in India. But we succeeded with Dato’ Dr How Kim Chuan being elected as FDI Councillor. On behalf of the Council, I wish to congratulate Dato’ Dr How for being retained the FDI Councillor post for second term. I wish him a productive and successful tenure as FDI Councillor, hopefully with him in the FDI Council could benefit MDA by bridging the gap between the Western counterparts and us.

The Moratorium on Dental Education

The moratorium on dental education was approved by Cabinet and took effect from 1 March 2013. Approvals for the establishment of new institutions offering a dental degree programme and new dental degree programmes offered by existing institutions have been suspended for 5 years: and intake of local students will be limited to 800 per year for dental degree programmes in local institutions. This also takes effect on 1 March 2013.

MDC the Malaysian Dental Council and MQA the Malaysian Qualifications Agency has been empowered to fix the number of intake for each Higher Education Institute. In view of the approval of two Higher Education Institute (AUCMS and VMIUC) to start dental programme after the Moratorium on Dental Education took effect on the 1 March 2013, the Dean Council had agreed to raise the number of local intake each year from 800 to 900. MDC had agreed with the Dean Councils’ proposal to raise the number of local intake each year to 900 at the MDC Meeting on the 27th May 2014.


MDA CPD Committee is pleased and proud to introduce Webinar to our member for the first time ever, in collaboration with Colgate. Colgate Live Webinar Online on the 18th November 2014, 8:00PM SGT. Imagine yourself, attending a seminar online right at the comfort of your living room or office using your laptop / personal computer. For this time round, MDA has been offered limited slots of 100 participants for Malaysia. Hence, please take this opportunity to get yourself registered as soon as possible. There is no registration fee and CPD points will be awarded. The system will automatically generate a list of names who “attended” the webinar and an e-certificate shall be issued by MDA. Please click on the link to find out more on the topic, the speaker and registration. Rest assured...this Webinar is NOT a product talk but dentally focused and oriented. We are truly very excited on this new initiative and we look forward for your support.

MDA Office

Two of the MDA staffs left us in the month of August and September 2014, Salfarina and Azmela last working day with MDA are on the 3rd August 2014 and 4th September respectively. Both of them thanked MDA for the opportunities for professional and personal development that MDA have provided to them. They appreciated the support MDA provided to them during the tenure with the association, and wish MDA continued growth and success in the future. On behalf of the Council and General Membership, we thanked them for their services provided to MDA and wishing them all the best in their future endeavours.

Miss Hannah Lim Shuk Ling joined us in the month of October 2014 as the convention manageress

I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to our faithful staff for their valuable contributions and service to the association, namely:

1) Pn Razana, the office and finance manageress,

2) Pn Normah, the admin manageress, and

3) Pn Zainon, the admin assistance

Dr Teh Tat Beng
President 2014/2015
Malaysian Dental Association
Date: 13.11.2014


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