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MDA President's Message from Dr. Teh Tat Beng

Date 06.05.2015

Dear Fellow Colleagues,

Greetings from the Malaysian Dental Association.

At the beginning of my term as President in June 2014, I commented on my responsibilities and the tasks and challenges which together we need to master during the one year term of my presidency. Now, at the half way point I would like to mention the highlights and the activities which I want to address in the first half of year 2015. Application to call for an EOGM by members

I hope all our members still remember how difficult it was during the 3 weeks of deregistration, when all the activities in relation to the MDA had to be suspended with immediate effect. We were lucky that the deregistration was lifted pretty soon with the help and support from the various stakeholders. I hope the history will not repeat itself too soon. Having said so, it is with deep sorrow and pain in my heart that I have to inform you that we might be in great danger of going through another crisis of possible deregistration by the Registrar of Society. An application to call for an EOGM, to overturn the decision made by the elected council to have the EGM in Penang on the 31st of May 2015 and instead, bring it to MIDEC2015, in KL is as follows:-

Resolution: We the undersigned, bona fide and ordinary members of the Malaysian Dental Association hereby resolve that the 72nd MDA AGM for the year 2015 must be held in Kuala Lumpur together with MIDEC.

Dated: 24/4/2015 Received at 5pm Friday 24/4/2015 An ultimatum dateline of 28th of April was given for the council to capitulate or call for an EOGM, effectively giving the elected council 2 working days.

Esteemed members of the MDA, the organizing committee of MIDEC 2015, together with this council has been labouring with heart and soul to organize the MIDEC 2015 for members, and to establish the MDA on a firm financial base for the benefit of all MDA members. Subsequent to this request, the council now has to find extra time and energy to address this issue. Since it would be clearly irresponsible for the council to make decision via circular resolution for a Yes or No answer within a day or two, and without proper discussion and deliberation in a council meeting over such an important matter, the next best thing I could do was to call for an Emergency Joint Council Meeting with Past Presidents and Stake holders in order to come to an amicable settlement. It was called on the Labour Day, 1st May, since it was the earliest possible date due to the urgency of the matter.

We duly invited the Proposer and Seconder; both were not able to turn up unfortunately. Nonetheless, it was well attended by the council members representing the various zones, past presidents, the representatives from the MOH and the University Dental Deans Council, as well as various interested stakeholders. My sincere gratitude goes to all who sacrificed their precious time to come. After much discussion, it was decided that the council should try its best to meet the supporters of the resolution to come to an amicable solution. The overall principle should be to ensure the MDA remains safe from being de-registered again by the Registrar of Society.

The Constitution mandates in Article X Section 1 Sub-section (d) that

Every member shall be entitled to receive from the Honorary General Secretary at least six weeks’ notice of the AGM.

If the council agrees to change the AGM to MIDEC which effectively means 12th or 13th of June, it will immediately cause a violation of the constitutional requirement to give the members 6 weeks’ notice because it is impossible to do so unless we have a time machine. If an EOGM is called and the resolution is pushed through, we will be on course to violate the constitution and we are in danger of being de-registered. The resolution has placed the MDA between the devil and the deep sea. The council has duly strived strenuously to have a meeting with the proposer and seconder of the resolution and to date has been unsuccessful.

Esteemed members of the MDA, I strongly feel that precedence should not be set to challenge the right of the elected council in their constitutionally mandated decision, which is clearly stated in the constitution, Article X Section 1 Sub section (b). What more the repercussions will possibly bring us into the danger zone of being de-registered by the Registrar of Society because of a clear violation of our constitution. If there is an EOGM which I hope and pray can be avoided, please come and prevent the MDA from being de-registered again.

The 22nd MDA Scientific Convention & Trade Exhibition

A new year, a new beginning’…Malaysian Dental Association had started off 2015 with a “Big Bang!” after it had successfully hosted the event at the Sunway Convention Centre from 23rd to 25th Jan 2015. The 22nd MDA Scientific Convention and Trade Exhibition 2015 were meaningful for the Malaysian Dental association (MDA) as it helped usher in the New Year 2015 after a tenuous 2014. On behalf of the Council, I would like to congratulate the Chairperson of the 22nd MDASCATE and her organizing committee for a job well done.

The 22nd MDA SCATE has once again proven itself to be one of the hottest dental events in Malaysia, with an increase in registrants, exhibitors, visitors, dental students and para-dental Workers. Total number of 2500 participants for the 22nd MDASCATE is one of the MDA records for our January event. And I want to thank all participants for making the 22nd MDASCATE such a success!

MDA SCATE has evolved imperceptibly over the years into a prestigious annual event for continuing professional development with a gathering of top international and local lecturers, clinicians, state of the art dental exhibition and MDA National Business and Society Leaders to discuss issues that may affect the global and local dental scene and well-being in the Malaysian dental scenario. The theme this year was the 3 E’s of “Explore, Expand and Evolve.

Forum: “Current Issues Impacting Dentistry In Malaysia”

The newly introduced Forum for the 22nd MDA SCATE to discuss issues that may affect the global and local dental scene and well-being in Malaysia, received overwhelming response from various stakeholders of dental profession.

Participants found that forum: “Current Issues Impacting Dentistry in Malaysia” was timely, relevant, strategic, current, interesting and informative and very useful for the dental profession. The only drawback is the time allocated for the forum was far too short.

The topics covered were
a. The Medical Device Act b. The National Specialist Registration
c. Human Resource Projection in the Oral Health Division of Ministry of Health
d. AFTA- Globalisation and Liberalisation

Dental South China 2015 and Dental Training Workshop for ASEAN Country

President Elect Dr John Ting and I were invited as VIP guest to the Dental South China 2015 in Guangzhou in early April 2015. During the Dental South China 2015, we met up with Mr Sunny Chen, the deputy GM of the Dental South China to discuss on the collaboration between Dental South China and MDA.

16th UM Dental Students Scientific Conference 2015

MDA representative Dr. Leong Kei Joe presented a poster of MDA activities in the16th UM Dental Student Scientific Conference 2015, with the Theme of “Transformation through Research Excellence” MDA Brochures and MDA membership registration form was also distributed to UM final year dental students.

The MDA Zone AGM

I attended the MDA Northern Zone AGM in Penang on the 1st March 2015, MDA Southern Zone AGM in Johor Bharu on the 8th March and MDA Eastern Zone AGM on the 21st March 2015. On behalf of the Council of MDA I wish to congratulate Dr Lim ChiewWooi, DrAng Lai Choon for being re-elected as the MDA Northern Zone Chairman and Secretary; Dr Ng Ben Chuan and Dr. Lee Wei Zin for being elected as theMDA Southern Zone Chairman and Secretary; DrHjAbd Rashid Bin Hassan and DrJames Chu KokWengfor being elected as the new MDA Eastern Zone Chairman and Secretary. And I want to reassure that MDA HQ will work together hand in hand with the Northern, Southern and Eastern Zone as One MDA, One Dental Family.

The 37th APDC in Singapore

A big delegation from Malaysia, consisting 15 MDA council members and 40 MDA members, attended the 37th APDC in Singapore, held in the Suntec Convention Centre, from 3rd – 5th April 2015.

GTIDEC Greater Taipei International Dental Exhibition & Conference/ the 1st Asia Region Dental Association Summit ARDA

I was invited to the GTIDEC and the 1st Asia Region Dental Association Summit on the middle of March. The presidents of the National Dental Association attended the 1st ARDA were invited to give a brief introduction on the National Health Insurance policy on Dentistry, Dental Public Health and Dental Profession present status in their country.

Oral B Silk road project on 26th-29th March, 1 Utama, Bandar Utama

The MDA Oral B Silk Road Project was launch at 1 Utama, on the 27th March 2015.

WOHD World Oral Health Day 2015

Malaysia World Oral Health Day was launched by the Deputy Minister of Health, YB Dato’ Seri DrHilmi Bin Haji Yahya at the One Utama Shopping Centre, on the 20th March 2015 WHO had designated March 20 every year as the World Oral Health Day to promote oral health as part of overall health called Smile for Life campaign.

The 2015 theme is ‘Smile for Life’, merging two concepts: ‘a lifelong smile’ and ‘celebrating life’.

World Oral Health Day is the one day of the year when we go that extra mile to ensure that oral health awareness reaches everyone in our community. It is the day when we let the world know about the importance of an oral health routine, and tell them it’s time to brush, rinse and chew. It is the day when we can give something back to those around us. One of the best ways to do this is by organizing free dental checkups. These checkups can provide a huge difference for many people who find it hard to attend their dentist regularly and are a great way for dentists worldwide to make a big difference on the 20th of March.

A “Malaysia Book of Record” for the most number of participants in a mouthwash rinsing event (12hours) was set during the World Oral Health Day 2015 celebration in 1 Utama shopping complex on the 21st March 2015.

MDA-Colgate Oral Health Month

The MDA-Colgate Oral Health Month was launched by DrKhairiyahAbdMutalib, Principle Director, Oral Health Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia on the 9th April 2015 at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. The MDA-Colgate Oral Health Month is the Nationwide Oral Health Awareness Campaign celebrated in the Month of April throughout Malaysia. This annual campaign aims to educate Malaysian on the importance of good oral care habits and dental visits for a cavity free future. The campaign also supporting the World Health Organization’s (WHO) goal “Star Early, Healthy Mouth for a Healthier Life”. Oral Health Month will focus on driving the importance of early awareness and education to achieve the goal of ensuring that 50% of 6-year-olds are cavity free by the year 2020. MDA had been working together hand in hand with the Oral Health Division of Ministry of Health and Colgate Palmolive to increase awareness of superior oral health.

Since its inception in 2004, the number of participating clinics for Oral Health Month has grown from 300 to over 784 participating clinics this year. Additionally, there will also be free dental check-ups at 12 roadshows across Malaysia.

Dr Teh Tat Beng
President 2014/2015,
Malaysian Dental Association
Date: 6.5.2015


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