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MDA President's Message from Dr John Ting Sii Ong

Date 03.10.2015

Dear esteemed members of MDA,

Greetings from the MDA council. I would like to take this golden opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful time ahead as the year end school holiday is approaching. In this update, i would like to bring your attention to a few events that had occurred for the past few months since the new council took office in June.

Dental Bill Since the recent announcement of the YB Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S Subramaniam that the Dental Bill will be tabled in the parliament in October​, to replace the Dental Act 1971, the MDA council had been actively engaging the relevant officers in the MOH to discuss and give feedback on various important issues that may ​arise​,​after the New Act coming into effect.

We are also working assiduously to maintain the freedom of practice for the general dental practitioners. To that end, we have assisted in passing the following policy statement in the recently concluded FDI ​General Assembly​ 2015 in Bangkok: "The new dentist should be able to carry out any kind of dental practice without harm to patients using modern, appropriate, effective and currently accepted methods of treatment." With this statement under "Basic Dental Training" approved by the FDI representing almost 200 nations and a million dentists around the world, we trust the the freedom of practice for the general dental practitioners will be maintained in Malaysia.

Based on this consensus of the world body, the MDA council is in favor of the following policy stance, in order to uphold the right of the general dental practitioners to be able to carry out any kind of dental procedures:

1) The general practitioners should not be restricted in any way in performing any dental procedure

2) The specialist shall be acknowledged in their rightful status

Below are the proposed amendments to the Dental Bill made after consultation with the legal advisor of MDA, and following the principles of the MDA stand :

1) Delete the " Practitioners Practicing as Dental Specialists" clause 45, A practitioner whose name does not appear in the Specialist Division of the Dental Register shall not practice as a dental specialist in that specialty.

2) Add to clause 44, (11) A practitioner who is registered under section 44 as a specialist in a branch of dentistry may-

(a) practice dentistry or that branch of dentistry under the style or title of a specialist in that branch of dentistry, or under any name, title, addition or description implying that he is such a specialist or has any degree, qualification or experience in that branch dentistry; or

(b) advertise or hold himself out as a specialist in the branch of dentistry We will keep our members posted on the relevant issues​ that crop up from time to time. As the compulsory ​30 ​CPD points will be needed to renew APC​ after the Act is passed in the Parliment, we urge you to participate actively in the coming 23rd SCATE from 15/1/2016​ to 17/1​/2016​ as well as the MIDEC2016 from 29/7/2016-31/7/2016, in which both the venue will be at PWTC.

​Please do not forget to register yourself to the MyCPD. You may log on to the link :

http://www.mycpd.moh.gov.my/ for the registration.

Price fixing of MDA event by Malaysian Dental Traders Association.

Towards the end of July, the trade committee of the 23rd MDA Scate has been receiving disturbing news that the Malaysian Dental Dealers Association ( MDDA) Protem Committee led by ​Protem President ​Mr Ding Sing Leong from Amedix, Protem Vice President ​Mr KP​ L​eo​w from Galla Dental Sdn Bhd & ​Secretary General ​Mr Gary Tong from

​ ​ Wise Heritage were contemplating a trade embargo to our event, the 23rd MDA Scientific Convention and Trade Exhibition ( 23rd MDA Scate) , refraining the would be members to participate until the demands from the protem committee has been met.

A few of the MDA council members, realizing the serious implications of the threat, quickly called up the person​s​ involved & advised them that such unfriendly and unethical moves should not be used against the the MDA especially that we have been long time friends, customers & partners. The door of the MDA is always open for discussion with all parties. However the MDDA protem committee refused to listen & proceeded to send in their demands ​(Please refer to the attachment)​. The trade committee responded after lengthy internal discussions.

The MDDA then sent in their official demands after their official formation on ​4/9/2015. The MDA ​immediately​ sent in an official protest letter to MDDA reiterated principled stand of not negotiating any trade terms​ with the MDDA officially under the threat of a trade embargo, but would still be willing to meet the representatives of the 13 companies of the protem committee​ in their personal capacities. The Protem President of the MDDA Mr Ding Sing Leong from Amedix declined the friendly gesture.

MDDA members need to comprehend the fact that MDA is organizing a trade exhibition in conjunction with a Scientific Congress. To successfully organize a mammoth congress, MDA commits to it 5 full time staff, with 40-50 or more of voluntary MDA members sacrificing their uncountable numbers of working hours ; not to mention taking the risk of making a million ringgit commitment there. With a participation fee of a mere RM6000-6500 per booth for a 3 days event at a international exhibition centre, what is the level of risk that the traders involved as compared with MDA? Why is it now with a trade dealers association formed, instead of working for the good of the whole industry, their first objective seems to demand that the​ ​trade ​booth prices ​of a ​MDA congress need to consult MDDA & .........(please refer to attachment).

I am now seeking the support of the members of MDA to denounce this unfriendly and profit-minded demands by the newly formed MDDA. They have claimed their 60 traders can unite and demand enblog that the pricing of MDA booths to becommand by them​. Should the MDA also then call for unity of all MDA members and enblog demand

the traders to reduce the price of dental products

​whenever we feel like it? The MDDA should understand clearly that first of all we are their customers and secondly that the MDA is labouring for the good of the whole industry which will also benefit them. Our suppliers have all grown with the success of the dental industry and the MDA has also assisted and worked with them over such issues as the GST and the Medical Device Act. They should never begrudge the financial strength of the MDA. It is to their advantage to help the MDA to be strong financially and professionally and they should not be shortsighted but be generous and visionary towards an industry and professional body that has blessed them so much.

Dear MDA Members,please tell your friendly trade partners, " Support the MDA congress & participate in the trade exhibition, we will support you back in return!​

Last but not the least, wishing all MDA members a good day ahead & please take care.​

Dr John Ting Sii Ong
President 2015/2016,
Malaysian Dental Association
Date: 3.10.2015


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