Date 29.11.2016

Dear Esteemed Members of the MDA,

On the 6th November 2016, the MDA EOGM unanimously passed the resolution, "That the house calls for the withdrawal of the new Dental Bill 2016 for review by all stakeholders with the intention to strike out any clause that limits the practice of dentistry by dentists." Pursuant to the event, the MDA actively engaged with her stakeholders and a meeting was called by the secretary of Malaysian Dental Council to further discuss on this matter at the Oral Health Division, MOH on 15th November 2016 on these controversial clauses. A consensus was achieved to propose amendments of to the controversial clauses during the 15th November 2016 meeting. The following amendments were officially proposed in writing to the Registrar of the Malaysian Dental Council the following day:-

  1. A practitioner whose name does not appear in the Specialist Division of the Dental Register shall not:-

    • practice dentistry under the style or title of a specialist, or under any name, title, addition or description implying that he is a specialist; or

    • advertise or hold himself out as a specialist.

  2. The Specialist Division does not restrict the right of any practitioner to practice in any particular field of dentistry or the right of any specialist to practice in other fields of dentistry.

With this consensus, the dental specialists are recognised in their rightful status and the freedom of practice of dentistry by dentists under the Dental Act 1971 remains unchanged.

The proposal was brought for discussion during the 116th Malaysian Dental Council meeting on 21st November 2016 chaired by the Director-General of Health as the President of the Council. The chairman decided to rephrase (2) in such a way that the right of the practitioner will not be overemphasised and the interests of the public is well taken care of.

The MDA welcomes any helpful comments and suggestions especially on the rephrase. Due to the need to move forward, please respond within the next 10 days.

Serving Together With You.
President and Council of the Malaysian Dental Association


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