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Website: http://www.worldoralhealthday.org/ Last updated: 10.5.2018

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World Oral Health Day (WOHD) is an opportunity to coordinate global and national efforts and to work together to make as much noise as possible on and around 20 March. FDI develops the WOHD strategy and messaging, which are then rolled out through member associations. By uniting our efforts, we can help make oral diseases a worldwide health priority issue.

Say Ahh: Think Mouth, Think Health ‘Say Ahh: Think Mouth, Think Health’ encourages people to make the connection between their oral health and their general health and well-being. A healthy mouth and a healthy body go hand in hand, and this year’s campaign theme prompts people to recognize the close association between the two and the impact that one has on the other.

For the first time, FDI is launching a three-year campaign strategy under the theme ‘Say Ahh’. The phrase is synonymous with health and will resonate with many globally. It is commonly used by both dentists and doctors during checkups and invites people to open their mouths for examination. Combined with different sub-themes each year, the ‘Say Ahh’ campaign brings to life the notion of the mouth serving as a mirror to the body and reflecting overall health. In 2018, we want to educate people on the mouth and body connection and ‘Think Mouth, Think Health’. In 2019, we want to motivate people to take action in protecting their oral health and ‘Act on Mouth Health’. In 2020, we want to empower people to work together to drive positive change for oral health and ‘Unite for Mouth Health’.

The 2018 campaign sub-theme ‘Think Mouth, Think Health’, therefore introduces the link between oral health as being an indicator of general health and well-being. A healthy mouth enables people to speak, smile, eat and perform other physical functions throughout life, but it also enhances social interaction and promotes self-esteem. In contrast, an unhealthy mouth can potentially lead to social isolation where people may avoid laughing or smiling and interacting with others as they feel embarrassed about their teeth and people’s perception of their oral health. Oral diseases are also associated with a number of other noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and some cancers.

The campaign aims to educate people that keeping a healthy mouth is crucial to keeping it functioning correctly and for maintaining overall health and quality of life. It highlights associations between certain oral and general diseases, raises awareness of common risk factors, and promotes good oral hygiene habits.

Please stay tuned at MDA Homepage and MDA Facebook for more information on MDA’s plan and see how you as a dental practitioner or as a dental student can contribute to the success of this international campaign. Watch out for PART 2!!!



The celebration is not only local but international. More importantly, this celebration will not achieve its purpose if the messages are not disseminated to your patients or to the general public. Hence, we at MDA humbly seek assistance from all members to actively play your role for this matter. The patients and the general public as a whole will definitely be equally excited to know that oral health has been given such recognition to the extent that an international celebration is now annually organised. Surprise your patients by informing them about World Oral Health Day. Flyers have been printed and will reach your doors soon. Kindly place the flyer at the waiting area or even make copies for your patients to take away. You can also further help to spread this good news by getting SOCIAL.

So what will happen here at Malaysia? (Saturday), Wisma MDA will be, for the very first time, open its doors to the general public to come to witness the launching of WOHD 2018 and to participate in the free dental consultation and dental check-up. Apart from these, there will also be an oral health promotion corner. Our sincere thanks to Faculty of Dentistry, UiTM for partnering with MDA to make this event a success. The state of the art, Bus Dental Clinic, will be used for the free dental screening. If you can’t be with us at Wisma MDA, please tune in to MDA Facebook for the LIVE feed to Engage, Share and Connect.

On the 17th March 2018



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