Message from 24th SCATE Organizing Chairman

Dear colleagues,

First, I would like to thank MDA Council for giving me the opportunity to head the organizing team of the 24th SCATE, one of the biggest dental events in the country.

I would also like to express my heartiest gratitude to all organizing committee members, who have selflessly volunteered themselves to serve the association and the dental community without expectations of any returns, despite their busy lives as dentists. I believe that they have been burning the midnight oil, sacrificing precious times intended for friends and families, as well as working those extra hours, making every effort to ensure that the event will be a resounding success. And it gives me great pride to say this - Kudos, my team.

Indubitably, the dental fraternity in Malaysia is facing a lot of challenges now. The uncertainties of the new dental act especially regarding the restriction clause, the sudden surge in the number of new dentists, over population of dentists in certain areas, the omnipresent practice of illegal dentistry, the constantly plunging ringgit which portends the escalation of the costs of materials and equipment.... to name but a few.

While solving these problems may seem out of reach for us, individually, as dentists, we do have the strength within ourselves; only if, we choose to believe in that inherent power and equip ourselves with all the knowledge and skills needed in the face of adversities and more challenges that are abound to come our way. As Benjamin Franklin put it, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. One will most certainly come a long way by ceaselessly updating and upgrading his clinical competencies, communication skills, business know-hows etc. There would be no need to resort to price cutting or corner cutting to make ends meet if we are the best in town.

And it’s tough to do that all alone. We need to bring our team on board. Teamwork makes the dreams work. Holding up the fortress at the front desks, DSAs and dental technicians play critical roles in ensuring clinical and business success. That’s why we have extended the nurses and technicians symposiums to full day this time round and have meticulously selected the topics and speakers. Investing in your team is equivalent to investing in your dream. I hope more dentists will come to realize this and bring their team members to join our conferences in the future.

Apart from trying to cover all fields of clinical dentistry with renown international, regional and local speakers, we would like to introduce some new experiences to the delegates. Among them are: the learning of endo in a fun way -- Canal Hunt, cinematic masterclass in a movie theatre, first ever dentist-technician competition in the country-- DT got talent and celebrities appearance in the MDA public forum -- Operasi Sifar Gula.

I hope delegates will enjoy what we have prepared and I apologize for any shortcomings, if any. Do fill up the online event evaluation form so that we are able to make our events better in the future.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Now, do me a favour........ bring back something to ZEST UP YOUR PRACTICE.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Neoh Leong Seng
Organizing Chairman 24th SCATE 2017


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