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Last updates: 22.1.2018

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Ngeow's welcome speech


Salam 1 Malaysia and welcome to the 25th Scientific Conference And Trade Exhibition (SCATE) 2018. It is my honour to be given the opportunity to helm this event. Similar to previous years, the organizing committee of SCATE 2018 has been hard at work and has drafted a totally revamped programme that focuses on our patients, or more precisely “patient care”. What is their wish list? how are we able to fulfil our promise? and how are we going to tackle their underlying medical problems? Hence the theme “BRINGING MEDICINE BACK TO DENTISTRY” comes to our mind. We have assembled a team of local and foreign speakers, who will give us an in-depth knowledge about medical problems and emergencies relating to dental practice. However, we have not forgotten the bread and butter of dentistry, and to add flavor to the event, we have invited 2 speakers to talk to us on the way to grow and protect our hard earned monies.

This year’s SCATE will be different than the previous one as we have taken the liberty to remind fellow colleagues of their role to uphold their professional integrity in the eyes of the public. Hence, for the first time ever, we are having a forum on “Integrity in the Dental Profession” with a panel of expert from the Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia, the Dental Protection Limited, and the Malaysian Dental Council. I believe it is time we have such a reminder, given the bad publicity our profession had had throughout the last 2 years.

We have not forgotten our ever important auxiliary, the dental nurses and technician. They are the unsung hero assisting the dental surgeons to ensure that our patients get the best in oral healthcare. We have assembled some topics that we think will enhance their knowledge and skill, with dental photography being the highlight. For the first time ever, they will be a workshop organized for them in SCATE, and hopefully the skill learnt in dental photography will be useful for personal enhancement, as well as making them an even more important assistant to the dental surgeons.

Lastly, we are also using SCATE to strengthen our Community Social Responsibility programme with the fight against “fake dentistry”. The problem of non-qualified people providing dental service is nothing new in this country, but appears to be getting rampant, especially with regards to fake braces. We hope that our CSR will remind the public of the danger of getting dental treatment from non-trained personnel. May I end this welcome address by thanking my ever hard working organizing committee, and the President and all the council members of the Malaysian Dental Association. This meeting will not become a reality without their hard work and sacrifice.

I will you all will have an enjoyable and fruitful meeting.

Prof. Dr. David Ngeow

Organizing Chairman of SCATE 2018

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